Writer's Block: My Dream Job

What's your dream job? Are you qualified for it? If not, would that stop you from taking it if it were offered to you?

I would LOVE to have a Chelsea Handler-type situation where I write funny books of essays and also get to do stand-up. Not sure I really need my own show, but hey - I guess I'd take it if it were offered me. Which answers the last part of the question: I would DEFINITELY take it.

In fact... I AM in the job market, so...

Writer's Block: Traveling Companions

What gadgets do you travel with when you’re going on a relaxing vacation? Do the gadgets you choose to bring tend to help you relax or keep you so plugged in that it’s hard to unwind?

When I go to Tahoe, I always bring my computer so that I can watch movies in bed at night when I'm trying to fall asleep in a house full of loud people. But If I am going on a vacation vacation, the computer ALWAYS gets left behind.

All I need is my iPhone and camera for those.

Although an iPad WOULD be nice...

Writer's Block: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Would you rather be pampered at a luxurious beachside resort or visit exotic cities and learn as much as possible about the local culture and people?

I get that I probably SHOULD say that I'd rather visit an exotic city and learn about the people, but seriously? Give me beach-side resort and cocktails any day.

Writer's Block: The Art of Communication

Do you prefer communicating via phone, text message or email? Does using a certain one change your behavior? (I.e. Is it easier to flirt via text than over the phone? Are you more business like in email etc.?)

I DEFINITELY prefer text message and it's by far the one I respond to the fastest... I have voice mails from months ago that I still haven't checked.

That being said... Tone can be seriously misunderstood in text messages and emails, so even though I hate it, I do think the phone is best if an important conversation needs to be had...

Writer's Block: Signature Style

How would you describe your personal style? Is there a celebrity whose style you admire and/or emulate? How do you update your wardrobe without breaking your budget?

Ok, don't judge me, but I really like the way Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen dress... Eclectic and free-spirited it, but totally pulled together and chic when necessary.

Sadly, my personal style is nothing like theirs... I love clothes, but always seem to be in a t-shirt and jeans.

Re: updating my wardrobe without breaking the budget? I've yet to master that one... As evidenced by the three boxes from Shopbop that arrived today.

Writer's Block: My Home Improvement To-Do List

What’s the most dangerous or frightening thing you’ve faced in your life? How did you overcome it?

Hanging up curtains in my living room has been on my home improvement To-Do list for, oh, I dunno: THREE YEARS. But it requires a drill. And a ladder. And someone who knows how to hang curtains.

I also need a new rug in my living room (thank you ex-boyfriend for spilling an entire glass of red wine on it) and artwork.

And I really need to clean out my closets.

And a new shower curtain --- the rod in my bathroom is really high for some bizarre reason, so the one I have now is too short.

I think that's it! FASCINATING, I know.

Writer's Block: Family Adventure

What's the most exciting adventure your family has ever been on?

Well... there was the time my mom and my brother tricked me into going to reform school... Got me on the plane and all the way to the school before I realized what was happening. Amazing.

But probably the REAL answer is when we went as a family to Egypt. My mom and her three kids and her boyfriend at the time and his three kids. Yes, like the brady bunch. Only better?

Writer's Block: Surfin’ Safari

Do you bring your laptop on vacation? Is it to do work or homework or just for the joy of surfing/connecting?

I try not to ever bring my laptop anywhere... If I can't get my work finished at work, then there's a larger issue... I mean, I don't even pay for internet at home, so if I"m home, I literally can't do work. That being said, I do use my iPhone excessively for personal internet stuff... even when on vacation. Boo.