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Writer's Block: Life Unplugged

How long can you survive without mobile or Internet access before you break into cold sweats?

I honestly can't even remember the last time I went more than a day without checking email/Twitter/internet. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), smart phones have given us the power to check the internet any time we want. Which means I am CONSTANTLY using it to look up information or answer questions.

I ***wish*** we were all far more disconnected... I don't see a lot of good coming from our constant connection to other people. Do I really need to know that so and so just had great coffee? Does that improve my life in any way? When I see her in person, has that piece of information actually made our relationship any better? For me, I feel like all of the Twitter an Facebook stuff actually just serves to keep me connected with people in a completely superficial and shallow way. I know that a random chick I haven't hung out with in years enjoyed her morning coffee, but I have no intention of connecting with her in a deeper or more meaningful way.

I also cannot stand that I get my work email on my iPhone. This weekend, I actually had to make a conscious decision that I wasn't even going to look at it because all that happened when I did was a surge of frustration and annoyance. Just because everyone else wants to spend his Saturday working doesn't mean that I should succumb to the pressure of also doing so.

Basically, I feel like because of our ability to remain constantly connected, work and social expectations have completely shifted, and I'm not sure I like the results.

Of course, I haven't even answered the question... Given the right scenario (like a week-long beach vacation), I would HAPPILY disconnect and just enjoy the company of those I'm with. And a good book.


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Feb. 23rd, 2010 03:01 pm (UTC)
We go away each year for a long weekend over Labor Day to Lake Anna, VA. The lake is constantly around 80 degrees due to the fact that it was created to cool a nuclear power plant. This same nuclear power plant also apparently has some mystical ability to completely block cell service from every major carrier. The first few hours we're there each year, everyone is pretty much freaking out about it, checking their phones constantly. Then we get drunk, and all is right with the world. Those 4 - 5 days are the most peaceful and relaxing I have each year.

...except that it completely prevents my cyber-stalking of daisy. ;)
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